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The creators of Golf Pops are completely obsessed with the game of golf. Some may call us addicted—we would say passionate. And we firmly believe there are few things better than a Saturday morning match (with a few bucks on the line) that ends with an extended stay at The 19th Hole. 

At least that was our thinking until we became parents ourselves… 

Given our love for the game and our love for our children, we wanted to spark that same passion within them from an early age. Our solution: a children’s golf book with an authentic depiction of all the little things that make this game so great. 

As parents, we were tired of the same-old stories with the same-old morals. So, we wrote “The Tale of Tiger vs. Bear” with a parents-first approach. Because let’s be real… bedtime can be a drag, so why not make it a little more enjoyable for everyone?

With some low-stakes gambling and subtle adult beverage consumption, there are plenty of themes and jokes that golf-obsessed parents will love, but go right over your kids' precious little heads. Instead, they will walk away from “Tiger vs. Bear” with memories of lovable characters, a sense of excitement about the game, and a strengthened belief in the value of friendship. 

About Golf Pops

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Golf Pops is comprised of golf industry professionals who are experts in writing, illustration, design, and storytelling. But most importantly, we are parents ourselves. 

We are 100% self-published. And we are 100% devoted to inspiring our little ones to fall in love with the game (while allowing adults to have some fun along the way). 

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